In addition to covering San Diego County’s brewing industry, San Diego Beer News publishes comprehensive travel pieces examining the unique beer scenes from destinations far and wide. These articles provide detailed information about every brewery in a featured region, including the types of beers each operation specializes in, back stories and inside tips to help craft-beer tourists find exactly what they’re looking for and drink like a local.

  • Austin, Texas Brewery Guide

    Once a quirky alt-anomaly deep in the heart of Texas, Austin’s mix of art and adventure has lured tourists-turned-residents like the steely strum of a siren’s song. In addition to music venues, bodacious barbecue and epic tacos fit for three squares-a-day, this booming metropolis is The Lone Star State’s leading…

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  • Jacksonville, Florida

    Jacksonville, Florida Brewery Guide

    Miami is known for its nightlife, Orlando its theme parks, but most outside The Sunshine State know little about the gem that is Jacksonville. Like, for instance, that it is the largest city by size, not only in Florida but the contiguous U.S. Or the fact it’s home to the…

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  • Las Vegas Sign

    Las Vegas, Nevada Brewery Guide

    The NFL has taken over Las Vegas for this Sunday’s clash of the football titans. Celebrities, Hall of Famers, and die-hard fans of the Niners and Chiefs (including a certain high-profile Travis Kelce fan…yes, we’re talking about Jake from State Farm) will spend this weekend and the days ahead of…

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  • Park City, Utah

    Park City & Ogden, Utah Brewery Guide

    As its award-winning breweries and brewpubs prove year after year, Utah is home to quality beer. Many of the businesses that produce those stellar ales and lagers are located in the state’s capital, but the craft conversation doesn’t start and end in Salt Lake City. An array of brewery venues,…

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  • Prescott & Sedona, Arizona Brewery Guide

    Arizona’s craft-beer scene has been on the rise for the past decade-and-a-half, seeping beyond the greater Phoenix area to saturate cities like Flagstaff and Tucson and everywhere in between. Pack in and join us as we examine two locales that, while smaller in population, are plenty noteworthy for their unique…

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  • Walla Walla, Washington Brewery Guide

    Wine enthusiasts are familiar with Washington and the wealth of Cabs, Syrahs and Malbecs to be found in the state’s southeastern expanses. A low-key gem of a community, Walla Walla is a destination for many Evergreen State residents—as well as visitors from Idaho and Oregon—looking for some time away from…

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  • Temecula & Murrieta, California Brewery Guide

    With nearly 50 wineries, American Viticultural Area designation and a well-established wine culture, Temecula Valley is primarily known for its reds, whites and roses, but over the past decade-plus local breweries have worked hard to diversify the region’s liquid assets. Temecula and Murrieta are now home to a combined 15…

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  • Arizona Cactus League Ballparks & Breweries

    Each spring, Major League Baseball fans flock to Arizona to catch preseason games at Cactus League ballparks located throughout the greater Phoenix area. Following a decade-long brewery boom, “The Valley” now boasts an abundance of local options for pre- or post-gaming with local beer. With more than 50 breweries, brewpubs,…

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  • Richmond, Virginia Brewery Guide

    Smack dab in the heart of Virginia lies a vivid brewing scene that’s among the East Coast’s finest and draws visitors from across the Old Dominion as well as neighboring states and the District of Columbia. But it wasn’t always that way in Richmond. Just over a decade ago, the…

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  • Albuquerque, New Mexico Brewery Guide

    At the turn of the century, Albuquerque was home to an early yet influential brewpub called Blue Corn Albuquerque. It was from that lone operation, which later rebranded to Chama River Brewing, that a wave of ambitious brewers would emerge to establish craft breweries that formed the foundation for a…

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