Beer of the Week: Stoned in Paradise

Helix Brewing's flagship IPA begets a fraternal session-strength beer and a full-scale 4/20 fete

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Quite often, one successful flagship beer will spawn offspring. Locally, there are the numerous hop-bombs based on perennial award-winning North Park Beer Co. IPA, Hop-Fu! And during a recent trip to Jacksonville, I discovered that one of the city’s most popular hazies, Southern Swells Brewing’s Karate in the Garage (I can hear all the Step Brothers fans laughing across the interwebs), has given way to session (Karate Kid) and imperial (Triple Karate) spin-offs, as well as a New England-style nod from a cross-town brewery called Kung Fu on the Porch. A little different – not just because it lacks any martial-arts reference – but just as notable is Stoner Moment IPA from La Mesa operation Helix Brewing. That West Coast number has amassed such a following that, not only has it inspired the creation of this week’s featured beer, Stoned in Paradise Hop-hazed Tropical Session IPA, it’s also the basis of an entire feelgood celebration taking place, you guessed it, this Saturday, April 20 (AKA: 4/20…don’t act so innocent, it’s legal now, bro). That suds soiree, at which the ultra-dry and downright dank Beer of the Week will be tapped, will begin with a one-hour yoga session at 10 a.m., followed by a specialty merch drop and the arrival of a food truck selling stoner-centric eats at noon, and back-to-back performances from a pair of reggae bands at 3 and 6:30 p.m. Designed as an easygoing day of kicking back with beers in hand and nary a worry on one’s mind, it’ll have a great deal to offer. And like the brand of love at the core of yoga, reggae and weed cultures, the event is free to attend.

Stoned in Paradise is a hop-hazed tropical session IPA boasting flavors and aromas of tropical stone fruit, citrusy tangerine and coconut from Citra, Cashmere and Sabro hops. The grist bill is heavy with wheat malt and oats to establish body in this low-alcohol beer and allow for the hop oils to remain suspended in the finished beer. The beer is pressure-hopped with an abundance of Citra to establish explosive hop aroma in each sip.”

Cameron Ball, Owner & Head Brewer, Helix Brewing / Sourworx
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