FOX 5 News: The Craft Beer Experience

Chicken Charlie inserts fried Oreos into a tasting session centered around the San Diego County Fair's sudsy new addition

The San Diego County Fair is a longtime supporter of local beer, but this year they’re taking that to another level, setting up a special area called The Craft Beer Experience, which will be accessible to visitors every day of the event and feature award-winning beers from breweries across the county. Watch as San Diego Beer News founder and Executive Editor Brandon Hernández shares details about this new setup to FOX 5 Morning News anchor Raoul Martinez, while sharing some of the beers that will be on tap from Protector Brewery, Ocean Beach Brewery, Belching Beaver Brewery and Nickel Beer Co. It’s a nice preview of what fairgoers can expect when the 2024 edition of the San Diego County Fair kicks off today. And did we mention Chicken Charlie makes a guest appearance with some fried Oreos? Yeah, you’re gonna want to check this out.

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