FOX 5 News: Breweries with Homebrew Shops

Checking out a trio of breweries where homebrewers can get supplies along with local beers

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The start of a new year is a great time to take up a new hobby like, say, homebrewing. And when it comes to getting the equipment, ingredients and tips for making your own beer, San Diegans can hit up several breweries that have their very own homebrew-supply outlets on-site, allowing shoppers to get what they need along with some tasty beer. Join San Diego Beer News Executive Editor Brandon Hernández as he introduces FOX 5 Morning News Anchor Raoul Martinez to three such operations, starting with Home Brew Mart and their longtime brewer Jason Carlson, then moving on to a pair of Escondido spots, Backyard Brewery and Jacked Up Brewery. All three have what homebrewers need, whether it’s for crafting their own creations or simply enjoying somebody else’s.

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