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San Diego Beer News matching donations made to local non-profit this week

As part of our charity initiative, San Diego Beer News Gives Back, we have established online fundraisers for a quartet of local causes and non-profit organizations nominated by San Diego County breweries. This week, we are spotlighting the great work of Anvil of Hope.

From December 12-18, San Diego Beer News will match donations made to that non-profit via our GoFundMe fundraiser *, which was organized in collaboration with Anvil of Hope and its parent company, AleSmith Brewing.

A 501(c)3 established by AleSmith in 2020, Anvil of Hope is deeply committed to strengthening the community. The organization’s vision is to break the cycle of poverty by providing resources and programs to at-risk youth and families to ensure that everyone has an opportunity to thrive and prosper regardless of gender, race, economic class, or any other would-be factors. Anvil of Hope works to identify at-risk youth and, through its programs and direct assistance, attempts to alter their typical trajectory, steering them towards productive and fruitful lives and careers.

Anvil of Hope’s founder, Vicky Zien, grew up in challenging conditions with four siblings and a single mother supporting the family the best she could. Her aim was to start a charity that makes a real, tangible impact to those affected by poverty and at-risk youth that are often trapped by their environment and lack of opportunity. As both owners of a brewing company and a non-profit organization, Vicky and her husband, Peter, are committed to showing that a world-class brewery can serve as a platform for enriching and aiding a community.

“San Diego has been a great city in which to operate our business and it’s our turn to give back in a meaningful way through the actions of Anvil of Hope,” says Vicky. “With virtually no overhead expenses, Anvil of Hope directs 99% of donations to our causes. This means that 99 cents of every dollar raised goes directly to those in need. You will not find overpaid executives managing our family-owned non-profit, so rest assured that supporting Anvil of Hope is the equivalent of directly helping fellow San Diegans in need.”



The following are some examples of what donations to Anvil of Hope will support:

  • Provision of holiday experiences for hundreds of local families, including complete meals and gifts for the entire family.
  • Tutoring, field trips, motivational speakers, and attendance incentives for at-risk and underprivileged students at three schools in southeast San Diego County.
  • Bell Middle School’s all-girl baseball team, the Bell Blazers.
  • Collaborative initiatives with organizations such as the San Diego Food Bank.

On behalf of Anvil of Hope, thank you for your consideration. Best wishes to you and yours for a happy, healthy holiday season!

* NOTE: SDBN will match all donations made to Anvil of Hope via this fundraiser up to $250.

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