Release & Recipe: School of Flocc

Hopnonymous Brewing taps veteran homebrewer to fill its West Coast IPA opening

After two decades of amateur brewing, local homebrewer Jason Clark recently had the chance to produce one of his homespun beers on a commercial level. That opportunity was granted by the team at Kearny Mesa’s Hopnonymous Brewing, which pulled back the curtain and welcomed Clark in to craft a pro-skills version of his IPA, School of Flocc (as in flocculation). It was a memorable experience and that beer is currently on tap at Hopnonymous’ tasting room. Not only that, the recipe for the beer can be downloaded right here if you’d like to review it or even try to brew it at home!

New pro-am beers will debut on a weekly basis throughout the summer, so be sure to check back with San Diego Beer News on a regular basis (or subscribe to our free weekly email newsletter and we’ll send all the recipes and release information straight to your inbox). Cheers and happy homebrewing!

Jason Clark

How long have you been homebrewing and how did it feel to have Hopnonymous opt to brew your beer at their brewery?

I’ve been brewing since 2003, when I bought my first homebrew kit in Annacortes, Washington. Having my recipe selected really overwhelmed me. I never thought I’d be brewing my own recipe on a commercial scale. I was both excited and nervous.

What are you most excited about with this pro-am beer?

Hearing others’ feedback on the finished product. I read the initial Untappd reviews and listened to people at the brewery talking about it, and am filled with pride.

Hunter Mannix
Head Brewer, Hopnonymous Brewing

What led you to select this particular recipe?

We were in need of a new West Coast that we hadn’t released before, and West Coast IPAs are Jason’s favorite style of beer to enjoy!

What are your thoughts on the importance of San Diego’s homebrew community?

Having a healthy homebrew community is good for production-level brewing because it brings more customers with respect for the process. It also allows pro brewers to brew more niche beers, knowing they will have customers who will appreciate them.

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