Recipe: Schmooze Juice

Gravity Heights brews a QUAFF homebrew competition-winning roggenbier recipe

Our second-annual Homebrew Summer program had such a fantastically high level of participation from San Diego County breweries—with over 30 of them taking part—that we’ve had to extend it into the fall. So you can keep checking back to San Diego Beer News each week for homebrew-scaled versions of popular beers from local brewing companies, as well as recipes from homebrewers that are being produced on a professional scale and put on tap around town.

Today’s homebrewer-to-homebrewer contribution is the second of two roggenbiers being brewed as part of Homebrew Summer. Going by the name Schmooze Juice, it’s Patrick and Thu Ha Le Leon‘s winning entry in a recent homebrew contest conducted local homebrew club QUAFF in association with Gravity Heights. That beer was brewed at that Sorrento Mesa brewpub and will hit its taps this week. Enjoy a glass of this rye-focused German-style beer on Gravity Heights’ well-appointed patio, then download the recipe and recreate it at home.

Patrick Leon’s roggenbier took first place in the recent QUAFF homebrew club competition highlighting Admiral Maltings‘ Capy Rye malt, and we are very excited to scale his recipe up for release at Gravity Heights. Roggenbier is similar to hefeweizen except the characteristic grain is rye as opposed to wheat. Patrick’s beer has many of the qualities of a tasty hefeweizen with the addition of the rich and spicy notes that rye provides. He also includes rice and wheat to lighten the color and body of the beer. It is a unique beer-style and we can wait to share it with everyone!”

Skip Virgilio, Brewmaster, Gravity Heights

This beer was inspired by my wife as she and I were enjoying some homemade pastrami on rye bread. The combination of crisp black pepper and spicy rye grain just called out for a roggenbier. Great timing as Admiral Maltings and QUAFF teamed up for a club-only competition (COC) featuring their Capay Rye. We are super-proud to have won this COC given the strength of the other beers submitted and because we get to brew with Skip, Tommy Kreamer, and the team at Gravity Heights. It’s like taking batting practice with Ted Williams! Schmooze Juice will welcome you with its familiar hefeweizen-yeast flavors while the spicy and peppery rye will have you ordering a second. I think this is a great beer for schmoozing and noshing with friends and colleagues after work this summer at Gravity Heights!”

Patrick Leon, Homebrewer
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