Pizza Port San Marcos going public

North County brewing facility now features a tasting room which will make its debut this Friday

Last year, Pizza Port Brewing took over the San Marcos headquarters of The Lost Abbey, with that former sister-concern moving out and eventually relocating to cohabitate the industrial-park facility operated by Vista business, Mother Earth Brew Co. Back in San Marcos, Pizza Port went straight to work reconfiguring its new digs to help meet growing production demand. It’s been nearly a year since Pizza Port moved in and, while things are going swimmingly from a brewing standpoint, there is still something glaringly missing at the San Marcos location…a public tasting room. But not for long.

This Friday, April 19, Pizza Port will roll up the doors at a newly constructed San Marcos taproom. The location marks a first for the 37-year-old beermaker, in that it is the company’s first stand-alone venue which is not a full-fledged restaurant. But that doesn’t mean it won’t feature plenty of the company’s food, beer and surf-inspired atmosphere.

Pizza Port San Marcos Tasting Room
Photo: Pizza Port Brewing

When local beer fans last visited this hallowed site, its tasting room was located near the west end of the line of industrial suites comprising the production complex. Pizza Port has set up its new taproom in a 660-square-foot space at the facility’s east end. Equipped with eight taps, it is furnished with the company’s iconic wooden picnic tables along with bar- and high-top seating that faces the production floor, allowing guests a glimpse Head Brewer Mike Dixon and his staff at work.

Since the tasting room is at the other end of the building now, the space became a blank slate to make it feel fresh. We were able to create a feeling more like being at a Pizza Port using similar design features. It will feel like drinking in a brewery more since the tanks are so visibly close to the taps, and the space will be evolving as we go.

Gina Marsaglia, Co-founder, Pizza Port Brewing

Like at Pizza Port’s brewpubs, in addition to crafting core and staple offerings, Dixon and his team will have the opportunity to develop new recipes to be tapped across the company’s seven locations.

Pizza Port San Marcos’ opening-day beer list will include the following…

  • California Honey Blonde Ale
  • Cruisin’ Pale Ale (in cans)
  • Shark Bite Red Ale (in cans)
  • Ponto Session IPA (in cans)
  • Backyard Explorer IPA
  • Wave Runner IPA (brewed at San Marcos)
  • Forbidden Beach IPA (collaboration with Ghost Town Brewing)
  • Mongo Double IPA
  • State Street Hard Seltzer

On the food side, Pizza Port will start out working with mobile vendors, but a long-term solution is in the works. It will come in the form of a four-wheeled, fully branded food truck that will be permanently stationed at the San Marcos tasting room and serve a limited menu of fan-favorite items from Pizza Port’s pubs. It is expected to arrive sometime over the summer.

“From inception to now, there have been countless emotions and amazing cherished memories that will forever be sacred. The people that have come in to share a beer with us have and will always be the best part of the beer industry,” says Marsaglia. “It’s exciting to be able to offer our core beers while rotating through some of the variety we are able to create from all of our pubs. We hope friends will come visit since it’s our furthest location from the beach so far.”

Pizza Port San Marcos will officially open at 3 p.m. on Friday, April 19. Following that, its hours of operation will be 3 to 8 p.m., Wednesday through Friday, and noon to 8 p.m., Saturdays and Sundays.

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