Matt Furman


Matt Furman is a San Diego-based photographer with a penchant for capturing brewers in their natural habitats. Prior to moving to San Diego, he spent two decades in New York City shooting for clients such as Forbes, Billboard, Cigar Aficionado, American Airlines, Cushman & Wakefield and The Wall Street Journal. He has photographed celebrities, professional athletes and other influential figures while traveling the world to convey people, cultures and civilizations via his lens. Furman’s infatuation with brewery life has graced publications such as DRAFT Magazine and makes for brilliant, compelling content on his Instagram feed (@thepourtraits). His contributions to San Diego Beer News include photos of industry icons presented care of our Portrait of a Brewer Q&A series, and shots of breweries winning top prizes as part of the annual San Diego Beer News Awards.

Neighborhood: Del Cerro

Family: Lovely wife and three daughters 

Favorite Beer Style(s): Quads, IPAs, saisons and lambics

Favorite Local Beer Events: I’m still pretty new to San Diego, so I’m not sure yet

Craft Beer A-ha Moment: I was hangin’ out with my buddy (and beer writer) Niko Krommydas and he cracked a Mikkeler Beer Geek Breakfast. It blew my mind!

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