Korey Kaczur

Multimedia Reporter

Korey Kaczur’s road to craft beer was not traditional, having started off with a career in television news. After graduating Arizona State University, she pursued her dream of becoming a sports reporter, starting out by covering the Padres for FOX Sports San Diego. Her big on-air break came calling from the frozen tundra of Duluth, Minnesota, where she moved to cover local news and anchor sports. There, she developed a love of hockey to go with her baseball addiction and became a fan of the Minnesota Vikings (because the Chargers abandoned her). She also began visiting local breweries in her spare time, marking the beginning of what would become a lifelong passion for craft beer. In 2018, the native San Diegan returned home, where her appreciation for beer grew thanks to the quality of the hometown product. Inspired to be part of the industry she so adored, she joined the team at Wild Barrel Brewing, where she managed the taproom until 2023 when she moved on to pursue an entrepreneurial venture, a decision that was made easier thanks to her ability to maintain a connection with the industry using her professional expertise to create compelling video-based content for San Diego Beer News.

Neighborhood: Escondido and San Marcos

Family: A pair of awesome parents, a sister and her family, not to mention an amazing boyfriend, Dermot, and our fur-child, Tulla

Favorite Beer Style(s): West Coast and hazy IPA, but I’ll try anything!

Favorite Local Beer Events: Stachetoberfest (I’m a firefighter’s daughter, so always supporting the fire fam) and the Beer Garden event at at The Lodge at Torrey Pines

Craft Beer A-ha Moment: I can’t name a specific moment, but I knew this passion was here to stay when my travels around the country and the world had to include brewery visits and beer-focused stops (especially Oktoberfest two years in a row)

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