I Like Beer the Podcast: Texas Grand Finale

Wrapping up a lengthy trip to Austin, Texas with visits to a pair of breweries and, oh yeah, a solar eclipse!

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All good things must come to an end…even an epic trip to Austin, Texas that yielded a bevy of ILB beer content, the last of which awaits you here. Listen in as Altstadt Brewing‘s General Manager, Manny Ramirez (yes, that’s really his name), tours the guys through the most impressive brewery they’ve ever visited; one which answers the question of what a beer-production facility can be if produced without expense as a consideration. Then it’s on to the last stop on the itinerary, the viewing of a solar eclipse from Lago Vista Brewing with co-owners Mark Norman and Dylan Byerly. It’s a literal lights-out on a lengthy, worthwhile expedition to The Lone Star State.

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