FOX 5: Beer Brands Without Breweries

How contract brewing allows beer entrepreneurs to establish brands without getting into manufacturing

It takes a pro-scale brewery and fermentation tanks to commercially produce beer, but entrepreneurs who aren’t interested in securing real estate and purchasing pricey stainless steel can still be a part of the industry. All they need is a little help from their friends care of contract-brewing relationships in which business owners team with established brewing companies to produce their beers for them. In this month’s FOX 5 Morning News segment, San Diego Beer News Executive Editor Brandon Hernández is joined by Chef Lauren Lawless. Together, they explain how contract-brewing works, while showing off a flagship blonde ale from Lawless’ new Flawless Beer venture, and sharing the stories of two successful local beer companies that have flourished despite not having their own production facilities, Shoots Fish & Beer and SouthNorte Beer Co.

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