European Drinks You Didn’t Know You Needed To Try

Enjoying a glass of something delicious while you’re taking in the sights and sounds of a European country is one of life’s pleasures, made all the sweeter when you know you’re drinking something that you can’t really get authentically back in the UK. If you’re heading abroad this summer to Europe, look out for these tasty beverages…

Craft Beer

If you’re a fan of craft beer in the UK, the craft beer that is made in Germany and the Czech Republic will blow your mind. German pilsner is traditionally lighter and drier, whilst the craft beer you’ll find in the Czech Republic is a little fruitier and more floral. 

The beauty of beer of course is that it’s available in different strengths, so whether you’re enjoying a bottle to break up the sightseeing, or you’re partaking in a full evening out, you can enjoy the unrivalled taste of a drink well brewed. 


Grappa is an Italian drink through and through, made from grapes to produce a strong brandy. The grapes used are those that have produced wine, before the skins, pulp, seeds, and stems are distilled to create this potent drink. It’s best enjoyed after dinner, served neat in a shot glass. 


In Austria and fancy something non-alcoholic? Almdudler is a famous Viennese soft drink with a distinctly herbal flavour. It is, in fact, created by blending natural alpine herbs with beet sugar, citric acid and soda water, satisfying that craving for something fizzy in the sunshine. It naturally contains caffeine too, giving you a little pick me up with every sip. 


Popular across the Balkans, Rakija, often referred to as Rakia, is a collective term for fruity spirits and brandies. It’s traditionally made by distilling local fruit, which means there are so many tasty varieties to try. The plum rakija tends to be a particular triumph! It’s typically served in tulip shaped glasses, best enjoyed before meals as an aperitif. 

Greek Sparkling Wine

Whilst France may be the first European country you think of when it comes to sparkling wine, we urge you to try the lesser known, but just as delicious, Greek sparkling wine varieties that there are out there. In fact, Greece was one of the earliest wine producers! 

Perfect to enjoy while you soak up the fantastic weather, we’d recommend Greek sparkling rosé wine in particular – light, refreshing, and delightfully drinkable. 


Originally a German drink, schnapps is a popular beverage across Europe. It’s a broad term for several types of strong, clear spirits, all with a fruity flavour. If you need a serving suggestion for schnapps, it’s a drink that’s traditionally consumed in single shots following a meal to help aid digestion. 

Zuger Kirsch

Made from distilled dark cherries, Zuger Kirsch is a clear spirit, differing from cherry brandy in the way that it’s produced from this distilling process, as opposed to simply being brandy first, and infused with cherries second. With Swiss and German origins, Zuger Kirsch is a truly diverse drink; enjoy it on its own, mix it into cocktails, or even spice up a dessert with it!

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