Crooked Tree brewed with community spirit

Annual collaboration IPA from Ocean Beach brewing professionals supports neighborhood holiday parade

In a true testament to the collaborative and community-focused spirit of Ocean Beach, local breweries, including California Wild Ales, Chula Vista Brewery, Hodad’s Brewing, Ketch Brewing, Kilowatt Brewing, My Yard Live Beer Co., OB Brewery, Pizza Port Brewing and Thorn Street Brewery, have joined forces to craft a special brew for a delicious cause: Crooked Tree IPA.

Brewed using a red IPA base recipe, the creation of Crooked Tree IPA brought together the expertise and passion of Ocean Beach’s brewing elite. Led by Pizza Port Ocean Beach Head Brewer Matt Palmer, these local brewing maestros poured their creativity into designing the recipe, resulting in a beer that captures the essence of the tight-knit surfing village.

“This project is a fantastic representation of the unity and camaraderie within the Ocean Beach brewing community,” said California Wild Ales co-founder Bill DeWitt. “We all share a love for great beer and a commitment to giving back to the community that has embraced us.”

The collaboration allowed each brewery to contribute its unique touch to the original red IPA recipe. From hoppy notes introduced courtesy of Kilowatt Brewing, to the innovative twists brought by OB Brewery, Crooked Tree IPA promises a flavor journey that reflects the diversity of Ocean Beach’s brewing scene.

As Pizza Port OB’s brewing vats bubbled with anticipation, the brewers shared ideas, techniques and a few laughs, embodying the close-knit community spirit that defines Ocean Beach. The result is a beer that satisfies the palate and symbolizes the strength of community collaboration.

The sales from Crooked Tree IPA will support the 44th Annual OB Holiday Parade, taking place December 2, which was organized by the OB Town Council with a “Santa’s Disco Luau” theme.

Whether you’re a local or a visitor, you can enjoy the delightful Crooked Tree IPA at various establishments throughout Ocean Beach. Restaurants, bars and breweries in the community are proud to serve this limited-edition brew, allowing people to savor a taste of Ocean Beach’s brewing excellence while supporting a good cause.

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