Brizo FoodMetrics Highlights Top 6 Breweries in the USA

The beer industry is flourishing. Brizo FoodMetrics is thrilled to present its latest report on the top 5 breweries in the USA. This curated list shines a spotlight on the exceptional breweries that are not only setting the bar for quality and innovation but also fostering a vibrant beer culture across the nation. Each brewery on this list has been carefully selected for its outstanding contributions to the craft beer scene, making this a definitive guide for beer enthusiasts and industry insiders alike.

Note: We have curated the list using Brizo foodmetrics tool through which you can get the data of about 2.1 Million plus foodservice establishments.

Barley Creek Brewing Company

The foundation of Barley Creek Brewing Company was laid in 1792. And since then it has become one of the most historic buildings in America. It offers mouthwatering food dishes like seafood, pasta, steaks, salad, smoked BBQ specialties and the list goes on.

Talking about its specialties as a brewery, it offers handcrafted and award-winning ales served on-site. It is the first microbrewery to open in the Pocono Mountains and has brewed more than 100 different styles of beer since then. It also has won several accolades. Unforgettable moments are waiting for you with the Barley Creek Family. 

Two Blokes Brewing

Brewery founded by 2 friends, Two Blokes Brewing is prominent in the world of beer due to its innovativeness. It is located at 547 Long Point Road in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina in the Charleston Area. They serve food through food trucks every Wednesday to Sunday. You can bring your own food or get them delivered to the taproom on the days no food truck is scheduled.

You can even bring your children, but supervise them as they are not allowed to be unattended in the brewery. Bartenders at Two Blokes Brewing can guide you to get the best beer as per your taste. And you can taste 4 ounce of a beer before buying it if you have never tasted it before.

Ocean View Brew Works

Ocean View Brew Works is next in the list of independent breweries in the US, in Albany, California, known for its small-batch brews that highlight local ingredients. You will be surprised by the happening atmosphere inside the Ocean View Brewing Company, which makes food items all the more delicious.

The happy hour is organized here daily from 4-6 PM. Tables are available in this brewery on a first-come, first-serve basis. Families can bring their kids and let them have fun with their selection of toys and games. Before going back to your home, make sure to return the toys.

Industrial Arts Brewing

Industrial Arts Brewing has made its name for itself through its high-quality beers. Located in Hudson Valley, they believe that their team and beers depict kindness, creativity, and industriousness. They pay special attention to quality, safety, and sustainability at every step of the preparation, starting from the farms to the brewhouses to cellars and finally to the customers.

One of its best-known beers is “Wench’ – a hazy Indian Pale Ale dripping with tropical zest. Loaded with Mosaic and Citra, this beer is distributed to the northeast parts of the USA and to multiple businesses and events. This brewing company has its Research and Development program, with the help of which its menu is constantly changing.

Big Muddy Brewing

Big Muddy Brewing is one of the popular breweries in Midwest US and offers over 25 beers on tap. It is founded by Chuck Stuhrenberg in 2009 and since then grown from a small local operation to a beloved regional powerhouse of beers.

Located in Murphysboro, Illinois, it is a family-owned brewery that caters to the taste of everyone. They have plenty of packaged beer. Their kitchen is known for Flatbread pizzas, Bavarian pretzels, and more. Some of its signature brews are – Pumpkin Smasher, Galaxy IPA, and Big Muddy Monster.

Limitless Brewing

The team of Limitless Brewing first started their brewing business after completing a tour of the breweries across the globe for a year. It works on the mission of making what people want to drink. When people come to them and ask if they really can make that kind of beer, the team at Limitless Brewing truly makes that happen.

It is open 365 days a year. Its tagline says “Beer-centered, community-foused”. With its innovative menu, no wonder it is a beloved destination of beer lovers in the region.

Final Thoughts

Brizo FoodMetrics’ top 10 breweries in the USA list for this year highlights the diversity and excellence that define the American craft beer scene. These breweries are not only crafting exceptional beers but also fostering a sense of community and pushing the boundaries of what craft beer can be. Check out the Brizo Foodmetrics tool to know more.

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