Beer of the Week: The Tradition

Dogleg Brewing's Masters-inspired peach-infused pils a tradition unlike any other

From the Beer Writer: Founded by golf-industry vets, Dogleg Brewing celebrates sport and suds in equal measure from a tasting room outfitted with a putting green and state-of-the-art golf-simulator. Those value-addeds regularly draw greens-goers, but the Vista brewery enjoys especially above-par patronage come the Masters Tournament, when it holds its grand-scale watch party, Beergusta. Loosely named after Augusta, the Georgia city that hosts the first major of the year, it’s a ticketed two-day affair taking place this Saturday and Sunday. Annual highlights include tasty food, live music and the chance to take home an array of prizes, plus a special bottom-fermented creation dubbed The Tradition. A peach-flavored Bavarian-style pilsner, it’s abundantly fruity, far more satisfying than an Arnold Palmer and, produced just once-a-year and available only at the source, nearly as hard to come by as a hole-in-one. So don’t putter around. Once it’s gone, it’s gone. (No mulligans!)

From the Brewery: “The Tradition Peach Pilsner has a classic German pilsner base brewed using reverse-0osmosis water and a reconstructed Munich-esque water profile. The low-temperature mash and German Noble hops help create a dry yet crisp mouthfeel and moderate bitterness. Where this 5.1% ABV (alcohol-by-volume) pilsner differs from others is it being conditioned on peach purée, which balances the bitterness with a subtly sweet finish. The hint of peach ties this quintessential beer with one of the greatest traditions in golf—celebrating spring and the first major tournament of the year. This limited-release specialty is one of our most sought-after beers and it’s available exclusively in our tap room.”Christina Lumsden, Co-owner, Dogleg Brewing

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