Beer of the Week: Rove

Pure Project Brewing debuts inaugural "adventure beer" from its new sub-brand

From the Beer Writer: Even the most devout and exhaustively exploratory craft-beer fan gets tired of concentrating about the beers they’re drinking sometimes. Ask any pro brewer what they drink when a long, hot and laborious shift is over. They’re not reaching for a barrel-aged imperial stout, funky farmhouse ale or IPA triple-dry-hopped with a cornucopia of varietals. Those are terrific, but after knocking off, in search of something to transition from work to leisure, something simple and thirst-quenching best fits the bill. And often times, beer is more a social lubricant or complement to an activity like finishing a hike or bike ride, camping or just hanging out by the pool (not exactly double IPA or barleywine scenarios). Sometimes eschewing bold or higher-alcohol beers means sacrificing a lot of flavor, but not in the case of this week’s featured beer: Rove Adventure Beer. A new sub-brand of Vista-based Pure Project Brewing, this is a paler gold ale with a touch of limestone on the nose and grassy, earthy flavors on the taste buds. It’s uncomplicated, but there’s more to it than typical carry-along, sip-(or swig)-as-you-do-XYZ beers. It has enough presence that, while it doesn’t inspire contemplation, it makes a nice impression, fits the bill as a post-exercise reward and can even pair up with lighter edible fare like ceviches or summery salads. This is clearly a craft beer and an enjoyable one at that. Rove hit shelves in four-packs yesterday, just in time for a weekend adventure.

From the Brewer: Rove is our new foray into the ‘adventure beer’ style. This is a beer that is designed to complement and not overshadow life’s many adventures, whether it be trekking up mountains or beach days and barbecues. When it comes to brewing the beer, our intention for Rove is different in comparison to the rest of our beers, which are created to showcase ingredients. Instead, Rove is focused on a flavor profile. Specifically, we’re going for something bright, crisp and light in body. We’re pretty excited with how it turned out. It may be more subtle than other Pure beers, but it’s fuller in flavor when compared to many other non-craft brews in the same category. We really want this beer to be approachable and a welcomed addition to any of life’s occasions.”Winslow Sawyer, Co-founder & Brewer, Pure Project Brewing / Rove

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