Beer of the Week: Diamond Dust

Pure Project Brewing's murky IPA goes from annual fave to year-round core beer

From the Beer Writer: These days it’s common–not to mention a lot of fun–to see breweries experimenting with IPA hop-bills on a frequent basis. Frequent as in every week or two. Whereas core beers were the name of the game in the craft-brewing industry, consumers’ insatiable appetite for something new followed by something even newer has encouraged breweries to release new beers at paces never before imagined. Tweaking IPAs is a good way to keep fans engaged while also exploring different hop varietals. A local brewery that’s excelled with such a strategy is Vista-based Pure Project Brewing. That operation is particularly well known for its “murky” New England-style IPAs, numerous versions of which are released in cans throughout the year. Opaque with creamy heads, they look thick but drink smooth and surprisingly light, all while delivering lofty bouquets and fruity flavors, all of which are brought on by hops. Over the years, one of Pure Project’s most popular murkies has been this week’s featured beer, which goes by the apt title Diamond Dust. New World hops impart aromas of guava, pineapple and kiwi, plus juicy tangerine, ripe papaya and peach. With so much sensory appeal, plus a medium-light texture and modest 6.7% alcohol-by-volume, this murky’s promotion from annual all-star to year-round go-to makes perfect sense.

From the Brewer: “I’m personally very excited for Diamond Dust to become a year-round beer. It was the first murky IPA we brewed that I feel really nailed the style back in 2017. We were finally able to land on a grain and water profile that meshed perfectly as a canvas for the tropical hops. Mosaic is one of our favorite backdrops for our murkies, and I believe the coconut and peach notes from the Michigan-grown Cashmere hops give it a unique flavor profile and softness that I don’t see in our other IPAs. These hops, coupled with our citrusy house yeast, create an incredibly aromatic beer that jumps out of the glass like a tropical cocktail. I’ve been pleased with the way each batch has turned out when it comes around seasonally, and I’m sure I echo our fans that I’m thrilled it’s here to stay.”—Winslow Sawyer, Co-founder & Brewer, Pure Project Brewing

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