Be a part of Homebrew Summer 2024!

Submit your homebrew recipe for the chance to brew it at a local brewery as part of our annual pro-am program

It was 2021 when San Diego Beer News launched its Homebrew Summer program as an initiative built to help maintain and advance the vital, synergistic connection between the county’s professional and amateur brewers. Over the past three years, 37 San Diego County breweries have teamed with local homebrewers to produce 51 pro-am beers, while numerous professional brewers have shared homebrew-scaled versions of recipes for some of their companies’ most popular beers on our website.

From now through Thursday, May 10, we will be accepting recipes from local homebrewers for consideration by participating breweries looking to collaboratively craft a pro-am beer. In order for your recipe to be considered, simply email it to us at [email protected]. You will need to include your full name, the beer’s official name, style and target ABV (alcohol-by-volume), as well as all vital recipe information (e.g., ingredients, amounts, instructions).

Please note that by submitting your recipe, you are authorizing San Diego Beer News to print and share your recipe on our site should it be selected by a participating brewery. If your recipe is not selected, we will not share or retain a copy of it.

Homebrew Summer pro-am beers will be tapped between June 20 and September 22, 2024 (the official date of the summer season). In addition to announcing the dates that this year’s Homebrew Summer beers will be released, we will also include the full recipes for each of them so that homebrewers can attempt to brew those beers at home.

The best way to keep informed about Homebrew Summer, its participants and the beers that will be tapped is by signing up for our email newsletter. We send it out every Friday morning, and it will include everything related to Homebrew Summer as well as tons of San Diego brewing-industry news, info on new beers tapping throughout the county, local beer events, job listings and much more.

Cheers and best of luck to San Diego’s vibrant homebrewing community! And if you own or work for a local brewery and would like to take part in Homebrew Summer, feel free to reach out to us via email and we’ll get you all set up.

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