AleSmith releases Italian Pilsner

Miramar brewing company unveils a new Old World style as part of its LagerSmith Series of beers

AleSmith Brewing Company proudly introduces the latest addition to its esteemed LagerSmith series of beers: the Italian Pilsner. This new creation pays homage to European brewing traditions, blending the best of Old-World charm with contemporary expertise.

Crafted with a medium-light body delivering a smooth and crisp experience, the Italian Pilsner boasts a delightful fusion of herbal and earthy notes, accentuated by a refreshing hint of citrus zest, all harmonized by a moderate hop-bitterness for a well-rounded flavor profile.

This seasonal delight is now available in convenient six-packs of 12-ounce cans across select regions including California, Arizona, Minnesota, Ohio, Oregon and Texas. Beer enthusiasts can explore more about this exquisite lager by visiting AleSmith’s website.

Embrace the taste of tradition with AleSmith’s Italian Pilsner, a brew that encapsulates the spirit of European brewing excellence. 

Find Italian Pilsner by visiting AleSmith’s Tasting Room, ordering online (California shipping available) or by checking out the brewery’s Beer Finder to find a retailer closest to you!

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