91X Beer for Breakfast: Pizza Port Brewing

For her last Beer for Breakfast, Danielle samples new beers from a beloved local brewpub op

Get out your Kleenex. It’s the final Beer for Breakfast featuring the segment’s originator, 91X jock Danielle, so the crew decided to end things out with a banger: Pizza Port Brewing. While doing their best to stuff their feelings down, the crew cracks some beers, starting with Bressi Ranch 10th Anniversary NZ Hoppy Lager (the NZ stands for New Zealand and refers to the origins of the varietals used to add fruity flavors and aromas to this celebratory brew), before moving on to the brand-new Finding Paradise IPA. Listen in and raise a glass of your favorite local, independent beer to toast Danielle and her immense impact on the San Diego brewing industry. And don’t feel too bad. Her love for said industry is so deep that she’s departing the radio world to join it as a full-time member of the team at Carmel Mountain-based Second Chance Beer Co.

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