91X Beer for Breakfast: North Park Beer Co.

Dishing on one of San Diego's most of-the-moment beer operations ahead of their new pizza shop's debut

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Of all the brewing outfits in San Diego County, none may be as popular at this precise moment as North Park Beer Co. Launched in its namesake community by award-winning homebrewer Kelsey McNair in 2016, it’s since expanded to include a pair of satellite locations, one of which soft-opens today. That new spot is called North Park Beer Co. Pizza Shop and it will bring authentic New York-style pies to the Crown Point section of Pacific Beach. Listen in for info on that as well as tasting notes for two NPBC beers, Birdie to Bogey California Pilsner and Hopewell Manner Double Dry-hopped West Coast IPA. Cheers to local, independent craft beer!

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