91X Beer for Breakfast: Jacked Up Brewery

Taking on a pair of high-alcohol IPAs from a family-run beer-and-entertainment compound in Escondido

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It may be a small, family-run operation, but Escondido’s Jacked Up Brewery has a great deal to offer. In fact, it has more than most much larger breweries, namely a pro-skills stage area that’s regularly occupied by quality live-music acts, a homebrew-supply outlet, next-door axe-throwing. As the name implies, Jacked Up also offers a number of high-octane IPAs capable of sneakily melting one’s face off. Listen in as the Beer for Breakfast crew samples a pair, starting with a double IPA called Foam Ranger before moving to an all-natural Dragon Fruit (triple) IPA made with fruit from a North County farmer. It’s good times and big beers, the perfect way to kick off a weekend!

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