91X Beer for Breakfast: Green Cheek Beer Co.

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Typically, when a beer business goes out of business, it’s a very sad thing, and certainly there are many in the craft community lamenting the recent closure of Bagby Beer Co. after its 10-year tenure on the Oceanside stretch of Coast Highway. But this was different than most closures in that married founders Jeff and Dande Bagby were able to hand off their brewpub to their friends and colleagues from Orange County’s Green Cheek Beer Co. On top of that, Jeff is staying on-board to man the brewhouse, while Dande will continue to manage front-of-house operations. Silver linings abound at this North County venue, which reopened yesterday under the Green Cheek flag. In celebration of that, the Beer for Breakfast crew sampled beverages from that cheeky op, including a hard seltzer called Lavender Lemonade and a West Coast IPA aptly named Now Open in Oceanside!

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