91X Beer for Breakfast: Gravity Heights

Checking out a pair of beers from a Sorrento Valley brewpub that's spawned a second spot in Mission Valley

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This week’s featured San Diego beer biz is Gravity Heights, a killer brewpub in Sorrento Valley that just so happens to be the craft locale closest to the 91X studios. Did you enjoy that geographical nugget? Well, we have another one for you. Gravity Heights just added to its overall footprint by opening a second location, a biergarten-equipped restaurant sited betwixt two shopping centers in Mission Valley. In light of that, the crew tastes through a pair of the growing op’s beers, starting with a San Diego pale ale dubbed Little Wing (hola, Jimi), followed by a toasty brown ale called Shady Oak. Get these and other fine beers at either of Gravity Heights locations!

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