91X Beer for Breakfast: Embolden Beer Co.

Tripping over a triple IPA and a matcha-infused hazy from a Miramar brewery that's turning three

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If you’re looking for a way to close out your San Diego Beer Week, look no further than Miramar and Embolden Beer Co. That craft-beer op is turning three years old and celebrating with an anniversary event where, not only will attendees be able to get their beers (not to mention the hard kombuchas, seltzers and sparkling teas of sister operation New Motion Beverages), but ales and lagers from 10 other local breweries in a VIP Beer Garden. Tune in for more info on that fermentation fete as well as the BFB crew’s impressions on two special Embolden Beer’s that’ll be on tap, a hazy matcha-infused IPA called Midnight in Tokyo and a massive triple IPA going by the clever handle All I’s On Me.

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