91X Beer for Breakfast: Craft Coast Beer & Tacos

Beers from an evil wizard who's winning awards and opening new spots for suds and taco-shop fare

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It’s common place for local breweries to come on strong and make fast names for themselves in San Diego, but even so, the rapid success of North County’s four-year-old Craft Coast Beer & Tacos is rather extraordinary. Armed with Mexican-style lagers, IPAs and a brown ale that have medaled at the world’s most prestigious brewing competitions, this product of a Pizza Port expat has grown by leaps and bounds, enough that it recently expanded, making an HQ in the former San Marcos home of Rip Current Brewing. Join the crew as they sample a pair of beers that have played an integral role in the company’s first four years in business, Agua Baja Mexican lager and its darker, toastier cousin, Oscura.

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