91X Beer for Breakfast: Burgeon Beer Co.

Raising two glasses of IPA in celebration of the debut of a North County brewery's fourth taproom

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With a name like Burgeon Beer Co., one expects continual growth, and that’s just what this Carlsbad-based crafter of largely hoppy beers has been able to accomplish over its seven years in the industry. That growth will continue with today‘s grand-opening of the company’s fourth public venue, The Grove. Located in Vista’s Paseo Artist Village, it’s yet another spot for beer fans to enjoy the fruits of the eco-friendly interest’s labor amid its trademark earthy environs. In anticipation of the unveiling, the Beer for Breakfast crew sampled two of Burgeon’s newest beers, a West Coast IPA dubbed Nature Calls and a hazy hop-bomb called Rainbow Pulp. Listen in for info on those beers and The Grove!

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